North East Midlands Branch CPD Event with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue

In November the North East Midlands Branch hosted a CPD event with Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service. The event was a great success and sold out weeks in advance!

The diverse agenda attracted a broad audience. The event was a great opportunity for local fire services to give their fire safety personnel exposure to subjects that they wouldn’t normally have access to. As a result, the fire services made up half of the audience. The other half of the attendees included; fire engineers, fire risk assessors, smoke control contractors and many more.

The day was opened by Derbyshire’s Chief Fire Officer, Gavin Tomlinson. Mr Tomlinson, a longstanding member of the IFE, spoke of his pleasure that Derbyshire FRS were able to host a CPD day on behalf of the IFE North East Midlands Branch and stressed the importance of continued professional development. This was followed by the first speaker of the day, Watch Manager Dave Coss. Mr Coss, a fire investigation specialist at Derbyshire FRS, presented a summary of a fatal fire he attended back in 2015. The session was particularly thought-provoking and bought to attention key aspects in building design.

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Mandatory CPD checking for Engineering Council Registrants

Carrying out regular Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is recommended for all IFE members; however, those who are also registered with the Engineering Council (EngC) are obliged to undertake CPD as part of the registration agreement. Each year, all Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs), including the IFE, are required by the Engineering Council to select a random sample of their EngC registrants’ CPD.

The 2020 random CPD sampling process is underway, and those selected have now been contacted and asked to send in their CPD record for the last year. The CPD submissions must demonstrate that skills are being kept current and that CPD activity is relevant to fire engineering.

Commitment to CPD not only demonstrates that you maintain your professionalism but helps to maintain the reputation of the fire and engineering profession, something which is of vital importance in today’s current climate.

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Annual Fire Related Research Event 2019

This year’s research event was as stimulating and eclectic as ever, with topics spanning the broad spectrum of fire. Dr Rowena Hill and Dr Anne Eyre hosted RE19 at West Midlands Fire Service HQ in Birmingham, which is a great setting for this annual gathering.

With so much going on in the fire and rescue service it was inevitable that the inspection process would be on the agenda. Academics from Nottingham Trent University shared their thoughts about the new process from HMICFRS. Without the benefit of the third and final tranche of reports or the State of Fire Report, the researchers confined themselves to the findings from the early inspections.

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Rasbash Lecture 2019

The IFE’s annual Rasbash Lecture took place at Surgeons’ Hall, Edinburgh on Friday 8th November. With the theme of “Investigating the physics of wildfires to help build resilience in society”, it proved a compelling insight into this topical issue. Professor Albert Simeoni provided the audience with a comprehensive overview of the challenges that our societies face and what can be done to overcome them.

The lecture was well attended with more than 100 fire professionals and students in the lecture hall as Professor Simeoni focussed particularly on the issue of Wildland-Urban Interface alongside the research that can be developed to mitigate the impact of wildfires. With a wide range of examples and a thorough insight into the different approaches to firefighting and fire management alongside the fundamentals for the drivers of fire spread and fire impact. The knowledge and exploration of these topics really brought home the advancements in research and how current capacity to predict wildfire behaviour can be improved in an ever-changing environment.

At the conclusion of the lecture, Peter Holland CBE QFSM FIFireE (Life), Vice Chairman of the IFE was on hand to present Professor Simeoni with the prestigious Rasbash Memorial Medal.

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The St Florian Book Collection finds a new home

On Thursday 14th November we gathered to welcome the prestigious St Florian Collection into its new home at IFE House, Stratford-upon-Avon. The collection, a library of more than 500 books about fire and related topics collected by Patrick Sheen during his lifetime, was gifted to the Worshipful Company of Firefighters to form the basis of a national library of fire, before being passed to the IFE to look after.

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It’s here: OMAP has launched

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during the last week while the MyIFE portal was being updated. After months of development, configuration and testing we can finally say welcome to our membership online applications portal option. We’re delighted to say that the cutover went well and OMAP is now up and running! A more user friendly journey and environmentally friendly way of applying for your membership now exists with the online application process.

Applying online is not just for new members (remember to tell your friends and colleagues) either, with regrades now also available to do online for all current members. With the launch of OMAP we will be phasing out paper applications for all UK based applicants and international members who have or wish to have a direct relationship with the IFE. Don’t worry if you are in the middle of a paper application as we will continue to accept these for a short period of time. International applicants should apply through their local branch as there is no change to the way your international branch submission process currently operates and you can receive the additional benefits and personalised service that they offer.

If you’re not planning on regrading, don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you to get excited about on the new portal. You can still do all of the things you have previously enjoyed plus more – pay for your subscriptions online, check your membership, read the latest IFP, get involved in consultations or join one of our SIGs and all with the style and grace of our new design. The layout, look and feel now makes it easier than ever to navigate and the power is in your hands when it comes to what you receive too. So, if you’re not receiving your IFP, or you want to hear more about what the IFE are doing, you can let us know through the ‘My preferences’ area.

We’re so pleased with OMAP and we hope that you enjoy it too. Whether you are a member, know someone who wants to be, or are looking to upgrade your membership, it really is easier than ever to get it done. Head on over and take a look.