It’s here: OMAP has launched

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during the last week while the MyIFE portal was being updated. After months of development, configuration and testing we can finally say welcome to our membership online applications portal option. We’re delighted to say that the cutover went well and OMAP is now up and running! A more user friendly journey and environmentally friendly way of applying for your membership now exists with the online application process.

Applying online is not just for new members (remember to tell your friends and colleagues) either, with regrades now also available to do online for all current members. With the launch of OMAP we will be phasing out paper applications for all UK based applicants and international members who have or wish to have a direct relationship with the IFE. Don’t worry if you are in the middle of a paper application as we will continue to accept these for a short period of time. International applicants should apply through their local branch as there is no change to the way your international branch submission process currently operates and you can receive the additional benefits and personalised service that they offer.

If you’re not planning on regrading, don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you to get excited about on the new portal. You can still do all of the things you have previously enjoyed plus more – pay for your subscriptions online, check your membership, read the latest IFP, get involved in consultations or join one of our SIGs and all with the style and grace of our new design. The layout, look and feel now makes it easier than ever to navigate and the power is in your hands when it comes to what you receive too. So, if you’re not receiving your IFP, or you want to hear more about what the IFE are doing, you can let us know through the ‘My preferences’ area.

We’re so pleased with OMAP and we hope that you enjoy it too. Whether you are a member, know someone who wants to be, or are looking to upgrade your membership, it really is easier than ever to get it done. Head on over and take a look.

IFE Membership and Registration end of year message and updates

What a year for the Membership and Registration team at IFE House! In terms of new membership numbers and increased numbers of registrants (for both the Fire Risk Register of Assessors and the Engineering Council Register) we have surpassed all expectations. So, a HUGE thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and staff involved in all the processes.

Which brings me neatly on to mention Patrick Hamblin CbuildE FCABE IEng CFIFireE. Patrick has decided to step down from his volunteering role and fully retire after a dedicated and long career in the fire sector which started over 50 years ago. We all owe Patrick a massive debt of gratitude for his service to the IFE, particularly for the Fire Risk Register of Assessors. Patrick has served on the IFE’s Fire Risk Register of Assessor Panel, and as a volunteer reviewer and interviewer for many years. He has been instrumental in training up new volunteers, being involved in various standards committees, and representing IFE in many different organisations.

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OMAP Progress Update

We are progressing towards the completion and delivery of our new online membership applications, and the speed of the project has started picking up!

We have now begun extensive testing, focusing on the design, content and functionality of the project. Alongside this, there is testing taking place for Student, Technician, Graduate and Associate member grades and for Affiliate Individuals.

Work is still being carried out on regrades and resubmissions, and is expected to be completed shortly before also entering the testing stage.

We would like to thank the volunteers who have helped with the wider group testing for the MIFireE grade applications. Your help was essential to getting through this stage of the project.

Work will continue picking up pace as we move onto further phases of OMAP, with the aim to release all phases together later this year.

Keep an eye on our social media, the E-Newsletter and the IFP for further updates on the project progress and release.

Renewing your IFE Membership for 2020

Thank you to all IFE members and volunteers for your support and dedication throughout 2019.

Membership provides instant recognition of professional status in all corners of the globe. In addition, a range of member benefits and CPD are on offer and are designed to meet the needs of fire professionals today and in the future.

All membership fees are due on 1st January 2020. To remain in membership and avoid interruptions to your membership benefits, please pay your fees without delay. Ways to pay are as follows…

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Online Membership Application Project update

With the new Member (MIFireE) grade online application configuration almost complete and entering into the final testing and refinement stages our attention has moved onto the next phase of the build.

Configuration has begun for new Affiliate individual, Student, Full time education student, Technician, Graduate and Associate applications. We hope to soon begin the user acceptance testing for all of these online applications.

Work will continue with further phases and we are now aiming to release all phases together later this year.

Further OMAP updates will be issued in the e-news and the IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

Online Membership Application Project update (OMAP)

The design, content and functionality have now been assembled within our testing portal and test database for the Member (MIFireE) grade online application process and is currently going through an extensive testing phase. The Membership and Registration team, Finance team and the Membership Applications Assessment Panel have all been involved in the testing, as well as other key stakeholders.

Testing is taking place with a product that is now starting to look, feel and function similarly to how we anticipate the final application process to work. Testing groups have been providing feedback to ensure that it is fit for purpose and provides an enhanced application experience for potential new members submitting applications via the MyIFE portal.

Applicants who are new to the IFE will soon be able to register and apply for MIFireE online via the new and improved MyIFE portal. Changes are also coming for the membership and registration pages of our website, with updated information and guidance to assist applicants with their journey to membership.

Further OMAP updates will be issued in the e-news and the IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

New feature added to the membership and registration directory

The IFE Member and Engineering Council Registrant Directory was established for members and registrants to demonstrate their commitment to professional standards and competence. This is a public directory which is freely accessible to all, enabling anyone to verify a member’s grade or Engineering Council registration.

New search facilities including by county/state or country have just been added, making it even easier for members of the public to search for a member or registrant.

In order to appear in the directory, IFE members and Engineering Council registrants must opt-in via the ‘My preferences’ page on the MyIFE portal.