Renewing your IFE membership for 2019

Thank you to all IFE members and volunteers for your support and dedication throughout 2018.

Membership provides instant recognition of professional status in all corners of the globe. In addition, a range of exciting benefits are on offer designed to meet the needs of fire professionals today and in the future.

Membership renewal invitations were issued by email in November 2018. All membership fees are due on 1 January 2019. To remain in membership and avoid interruptions to your membership benefits, please pay your fees today…

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Online Membership Application Project update

Over the last couple of months, the team at IFE Head Office have been progressing the specifications of the Online Membership Application Project (OMAP) following the approval of the proof of concept.

A design brief has also been drafted which includes the application forms and a refresh to the MyIFE portal. The team will be approaching a number of agencies and offering the opportunity to tender for the business. It is hoped that this work will commence early in the New Year.

Further updates will be issued in the e-news and IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

2019 membership renewals

Your membership renewal invitation will be sent by email in November 2018. Membership fees are due on or before 1 January 2019.

Here are 3 great reasons to renew:

  • Keep your post nominals; endorsement of your professional recognition
  • Stay up-to-date; access to free or discounted CPD and training courses
  • Links to local branches and Special Interest Groups providing worldwide networking opportunities

Membership benefits will be interrupted and your details will be removed from the IFE Member and Engineering Council Registrant Directory without prompt payment. Information on ways to pay are detailed below.

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Online Membership Application Project update

Further progress has been made on the Online Membership Application Project (OMAP) since the IFE’s last update.

The team are now eagerly awaiting the proof of concept which will broadly demonstrate the system’s capabilities within the context of the IFE’s application process for MIFireE. This proof of concept will then endure a thorough testing process and review for comments before development of the refined application process.

In addition, the user journeys for the remaining membership grades are currently being mapped out to ensure the process is as accessible as possible for both prospective and existing members.

Further updates will be issued in the e-news and IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

Online Membership Application Project update

Progress has been made on the Online Membership Applications Project (OMAP) over the summer with the team appointing a supplier and now nearing completion of the discovery stage of the plan.

The project went out to tender and a number of proposals were received before the IFE appointed specialists E and H Consulting Ltd who will work closely with the IFE’s current CRM supplier Silverbear to ensure all deliverables are achieved.

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Members are invited to take part in the latest consultations

Two new consultations have been uploaded onto the IFE members only area on the MyIFE portal and members are invited to take part.

The first follows the UK Secretary of State’s launch of a consultation on banning the use of combustible materials on the external walls of high-rise residential buildings. We are inviting members to take part in this consultation before the IFE compiles an official response. All responses need to be submitted by 3rd August 2018.

The second concerns the Smoke Control Association who have issued a third edition of its Guidance for Smoke Control in Common Escape Routes in Apartment Buildings. Members are invited to comment on the draft by using a commenting template available for download. All comments must be sent ahead of the deadline of 24th July 2018.

Members can view the consultations and take part by logging into their MyIFE portal and visiting the Fire Research Report and Consultations page.

Changes are underway for IFE membership applications

Following the launch of the new IFE members’ portal at the end of 2017, phase two work has now started with the launch of the Online Membership Applications Project (OMAP).

Linda Johnstone, IFE Membership and Registration Co-ordinator, will lead the project to digitise the application process for IFE memberships. Initially the project will move Technician, Graduate, Associate, Member, Fellow and Full Time Education Student applications online along with the current Affiliate Individual and Student. Two Engineering Council interim registrations will also be included in the project, specifically Interim Incorporated Engineer and Interim Incorporated Chartered Engineer, with the remaining Registration sections to be included in future phased improvement projects.

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