New feature added to the membership and registration directory

The IFE Member and Engineering Council Registrant Directory was established for members and registrants to demonstrate their commitment to professional standards and competence. This is a public directory which is freely accessible to all, enabling anyone to verify a member’s grade or Engineering Council registration.

New search facilities including by county/state or country have just been added, making it even easier for members of the public to search for a member or registrant.

In order to appear in the directory, IFE members and Engineering Council registrants must opt-in via the ‘My preferences’ page on the MyIFE portal.

Online Membership Application Project update (OMAP)

The OMAP design has been the focus for the IFE project team over the last few weeks to incorporate an updated look and feel for the MyIFE portal, providing an easy to follow, visually pleasing and functional user experience.

The design, content and functionality elements are anticipated to come together in time for the testing phase of the project so that testing can be undertaken with a product that will appear very similar to the final application process.

In addition, the Membership and Registration team have been reviewing and revising the information and guidance provided to applicants on the IFE website and preparing the new content for the MyIFE portal applications section to provide an enhanced experience for submission of an application online.

Further OMAP updates will be issued in the e-news and the IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

Online Membership Application Project update (OMAP)

Another milestone has been reached on the initial stage of the project with the product specifications and user journeys having been defined in significant detail.  We are now ready to progress to the configuration of the Member (MIFireE) grade online application as the first of the grades to be built and prepared for testing, covering the application process from start to finish.

After an in-depth selection process, Cantarus has been selected to work closely with the IFE and Silverbear to provide the design expertise on this project. Work of the design elements is due to start shortly with the discovery sessions scheduled.

The membership and registration team has started working on ensuring the website and portal content provides applicants with the most appropriate and helpful information to guide them through their application.

We are concurrently working on a number of components with the aim of when we reach the testing phase it will come together and be presented in a complete format and have the look and feel of a more finished product.

Further OMAP updates will be issued in the e-news and the IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

Renew your membership before it’s suspended

Not yet paid? Too busy? Forgot?

Membership fees were due on 1 January 2019, unpaid memberships will be suspended on 31 March 2019.

If you haven’t yet paid your membership fees we hope this is an oversight. To remain in membership and retain your membership benefits please forward full payment before 31 March 2019. After this date your membership benefits will cease; you will no longer be eligible to use your IFE post nominals and you will be excluded from the IFE Member and Engineering Council Registrant Directory; you will only have limited access to the new MyIFE portal and you will no longer receive this e-newsletter or the quarterly International Fire Professional journal.

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Renewing your IFE membership for 2019

Thank you to all IFE members and volunteers for your support and dedication throughout 2018.

Membership provides instant recognition of professional status in all corners of the globe. In addition, a range of exciting benefits are on offer designed to meet the needs of fire professionals today and in the future.

Membership renewal invitations were issued by email in November 2018. All membership fees are due on 1 January 2019. To remain in membership and avoid interruptions to your membership benefits, please pay your fees today…

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Online Membership Application Project update

Over the last couple of months, the team at IFE Head Office have been progressing the specifications of the Online Membership Application Project (OMAP) following the approval of the proof of concept.

A design brief has also been drafted which includes the application forms and a refresh to the MyIFE portal. The team will be approaching a number of agencies and offering the opportunity to tender for the business. It is hoped that this work will commence early in the New Year.

Further updates will be issued in the e-news and IFP journal to keep members updated on the progress of this project.

2019 membership renewals

Your membership renewal invitation will be sent by email in November 2018. Membership fees are due on or before 1 January 2019.

Here are 3 great reasons to renew:

  • Keep your post nominals; endorsement of your professional recognition
  • Stay up-to-date; access to free or discounted CPD and training courses
  • Links to local branches and Special Interest Groups providing worldwide networking opportunities

Membership benefits will be interrupted and your details will be removed from the IFE Member and Engineering Council Registrant Directory without prompt payment. Information on ways to pay are detailed below.

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