Royal Charter – answer to members’ questions

I am really grateful for the huge response to my note about the Board’s proposals for applying for a Royal Charter. Thank you to everyone who replied, either with a comment on the website or, by far the larger number, by means of the ‘Reply’ button on my note.

With nearly 200 responses so far and doubtless more to come, I hope you will forgive me if I do not reply to everyone individually. But I can assure you every response has been read, analysed and recorded.

As at Friday 22nd June, 94.7% of all respondents were supportive of the Board’s proposals in their entirety. Of the remaining 5.3%, the greatest point of contention, as we imagined it would be, was the proposal for a name change. Perhaps it would be helpful if I listed the questions, reservations or protestations which occurred most frequently, together with my response to them.

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Recognising the status of fire professionals

Underlying the many technical and cultural lessons arising out of Grenfell is the simple fact that the depth and breadth of professional competence held collectively within the fire sector has not earned for us a proportionate level of peer esteem. Unrivalled knowledge and competence has not translated into peer acceptance of our authority in areas where only we can rightly claim such authority. The status of civil, building services engineers, architects, surveyors, builders and just about every other contributor to the built environment is not only publicly recognised but formally endorsed by virtue of their Royal Charters. We fire professionals, on the other hand, are the only major contributor to a safe built environment which lacks such endorsement. The inference many will draw is that the fire sector, collectively, must represent a lower order of professional competence.

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IFE 2017 Annual Report

As you are aware the Board agreed in 2015 that the annual report, including the consolidated financial statements, will be available to download by all IFE voting members via the Institution’s website.

The IFE Articles of Association allow for the communication of statutory information to its members electronically.

Voting members will be notified in writing when the annual report will be available to view/download from the IFE’s website rather than sending a copy directly to you. The report will be available at least 21 clear days before the scheduled 2017 AGM.

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International President’s End of Year Update 2016

Here we are, almost at the end of another year! In the northern hemisphere, summer has gone, autumn/fall is leading into winter and temperatures are dropping. While here in the southern hemisphere, things are just the opposite; winter has gone, spring has seen plants re-emerging with blossoms and flowers evident and the hope of a great summer. Continue reading