Royal Academy of Engineering Launches New Policy Centre

The National Engineering Policy Centre has been launched by the Royal Academy of Engineering aimed at driving engineering’s dialogue with government.

Good decisions on grand-scale, transformative projects such as these cannot be made in isolation by government. The engineering community has a desire to help the UK thrive, and by sharing their expertise they can support policy makers to make informed decisions about the future.

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BS 7974 launch event

A launch event to celebrate the revised BS 7974 Fire Safety Engineering Series takes place on 4th April from 10:30 am at Bloomsbury, London.

This event will provide a framework for an engineering approach to the fire safety of buildings. BS 7974 gives recommendations and guidance on applying scientific and engineering principles to the protection of people, property and the environment from fire. Key speakers for this event include Dr Peter Wilkinson, Dr Danny Hopkin, Dr Roger Harrison, Mr Dave Berry, Dr David Purser, Mr Nigel Hiorns.

To register your free place click here. Please note that the places are limited.

Meet the IFE’s newest Special Interest Group

The Fixed Firefighting System (FFS) Special Interest Group (SIG) was founded by Simon Bird EngD MEng CEng MIET MIFireE during 2018, the IFE’s centenary year.

The SIG was established to provide a focus for IFE activities in relation to FFS, to raise awareness of issue affecting FFS and to identify research and guidance relating to the sector.

The sector faces many complex issues. In some areas, the technology used in the sector is mature and enjoys the performance and reliability benefits of over 100 years of standardisation, certification, lessons learned and refinement. In other areas, new technologies emerge, either seeking to ape the success of the more mature technologies and/or as genuinely promising innovations and developments of the technology.

There is an ongoing need to keep pace with technological developments and uphold levels of performance to the desired level. There is also a need to educate users and specifiers on the potentially great disparities in the technical area currently.

Simon has produced the SIG’s first newsletter introducing the group, its ambitions, case studies and how to get involved. Download the newsletter here or to get involved with SIG contact

Successful IFE Engineering Council peer reviewing and interviewing training day

The IFE held a successful Engineering Council (EngC) Peer Reviewing and Interviewing training day on 6 December, organised by the IFE’s EngC team. This annual training event provides current IFE Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Chartered Engineers (CEng) registrants the opportunity to learn about the reviewing and interviewing process for CEng applications, with a focus on developing future IFE reviewers.

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Mandatory CPD checking for Engineering Council Registrants

Carrying out regular CPD is recommended for all IFE members; however those who are also registered with the Engineering Council (EngC) are obliged to undertake CPD as part of the registration agreement. Each year, all Professional Engineering Institutions (PEIs), including the IFE, are required by the Engineering Council to select a random sample of their EngC registrants’ CPD.

The process of the 2019 random CPD sampling will shortly begin and those selected will be contacted in early December so if you are a registered CEng, IEng or EngTech we would suggest that you ensure that your CPD record is up to date.

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Engineering Council releases new videos promoting registration and CPD

new video from the Engineering Council promotes the benefits of professional registration for individuals, whether they are entering the engineering profession or looking for the next step to progress their career.

As well as communicating registrants’ competence and demonstrating their commitment to employers, clients, peers and the profession as a whole, registration also provides a firm foundation of ethics, sustainability and professionalism. Featuring CEO Alasdair Coates, a Chartered Engineer for over 30 years, the video describes how valuable professional registration has been to him. The video can be viewed here.

In addition, a CPD video has been released which explains its importance in demonstrating the competence of professional engineers and technicians. This latest video can be viewed here.

Shaping the future of Standards consultation

The Engineering Council is currently carrying out a five-yearly review of its Standards. The review includes the requirements for registration as a professional engineer or technician and the rules and guidelines for carrying out registration and the processes that support it. A key purpose of the review is to ensure that the Standards remain fit-for-purpose as engineering and the wider world changes.

Consultation is central to this review and the Engineering Council are keen to hear from anyone who has an interest in the Standards or how they work. To view further information about the consultation or to take part please click here. Please note, the consultation closes at midnight on 24th October 2018.