Membership and Registration Team update

Despite global challenges currently, we are still able to process new members and registrants and we are functioning as a remote organisation, for the most part.

Membership application assessment panels have seen continuing record numbers in applications being reviewed so far in 2020. On average, 60 per cent of the applications received are now submitted using our online application platform with the average number of applications processed in assessment periods so far this year at 200.

Although we have had our hand forced concerning the speed at which we have needed to modernise to allow remote reviewing to take place, it has meant that we remain able to offer the services that our member base have become accustomed to.

Application volumes for Engineering Council registration continue to increase, with a renewed interest in EngTech registration.

Volunteer reviewer and interviewer availability can be a limiting factor in application processing times, so will be holding a remote CEng/IEng new reviewer and interviewer training on 30th April. If you are a CEng or IEng registrant and becoming a reviewer or interviewer interests you, you can get in touch with the Engineering Council Registration Team at: – if you are interested and cannot make 30th April, please let us know.

Following tighter restrictions due to COVID-19, the team is also looking at alternative ways to hold interviews and we hope to keep delays to a minimum.

We will shortly be contacting any registrants with outstanding registration fees.  Our EngC registrants work extremely hard to get their registration, and we do not want to cancel this registration if fees have not been paid due to an oversight, for this reason, we make every effort to contact these registrants.

Fire Risk Registered Assessors are at an all-time high of 271 registrants. 28 periodic reviews were completed during our review day in March where we bid Patrick Hamblin a fond farewell at his last day of volunteering for the IFE. Our good-practice interview training day for current interviewers was conducted remotely on 2nd April. We will be trialling Fire Risk Register of Assessor interviews on a remote basis starting in April.

We continue to maintain our mandatory periodic reviewing including CPD; checking professionalism and commitment to the sector and maintaining the required standards. We are pleased to see a continuing high volume of registrant applications in.

Please rest assured that the Membership and Registration Team are here and able to help you should you have any queries whatsoever whether you’re thinking of becoming an IFE member or registrant, or you’re looking to add to your professional portfolio by upgrading your membership.

I hope that you and your families all continue to stay safe and well.


Lisa Cooper FCMI
IFE Head of Membership and Registration

(Statistics and other information correct as at 20 March 2020).