UK IGA Working Group meeting – 27th June 2019

On 27th June the UK IGA working group met to discuss a number of subjects. It was hosted by Nottingham Fire & Rescue Service at their Highfields station.

The purpose of this group is primarily to debate issues that are unique to the UK-based branches, but also to take into consideration any issues that may have some form of knock-on effect to all branches.

The first point of order was to seek and elect a new chair to the group. The position was taken by the Midlands IGA representative; Bill Gough who was unanimously supported.

UK based IGA representatives attended to discuss a number of issues including; the current structure of branches in the UK and possible alternatives, potential benefits of change to the current system and also issues that could possibly occur if various options were taken forward.

Debates also took place on the new OMAP system, funding and banking arrangements for branches and events, membership and promotion of the IFE.

All outcomes from the meeting will now be taken to the main IGA meetings in July in Brighton, where they will be tabled for discussion with the wider IGA group.