North East Midlands Branch CPD event – 28th June 2019

The branch held its first major large all day CPD event of the year at the National Space Centre in Leicester, UK.

The event had a formal CPD value of 6 hours, this award reflected the length of the event alongside the standard of speakers and subjects, which included;

  • Case study of triple fatal fire and subsequent investigation challenges
  • Human behaviour in fire
  • Technology update; detection protection etc.
  • Hospital fire risk assessment
  • Professional competence following Grenfell
  • Debate on recent UK Consultation documents

IFE International President Richard Fowler presented on the first subject, giving an intimate and personal perspective based on his involvement leading his services investigation.

There was also an interesting debate about the Grenfell Consultations in the presentation on professional competence, which gave an understanding into the opinions of members. This was in preparation to feed back into the IFE’s collective response to the consultation process.

The event attracted more than 50 delegates; most were IFE members from various UK branches. Along with the great content this gave an opportunity to highlight and promote the benefits of IFE membership.


The branch has two more CPD events planned for the latter part of the summer period and hope that we will be able to continue our drive to increase membership and promote the IFE to the wider industry.