IFE Branch Event – Yorkshire and Humber: ‘Fire risks within Heritage buildings’

On 11th June 2019, IFE Yorkshire and Humber Branch is hosting the CPD event ‘Fire risks within Heritage buildings’. The event is being held at the historic Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham.

With a fascinating agenda the day will be valuable to those with an interest in fire safety within historic building and also those who attend operational incidents.

A range of expert speakers with significant experience within their field have been announced.

They include:

  • Steve Emery, Oxford University Fire Officer who will be delivering a presentation on Heritage doors
  • Charlie Harris from Historic England will be providing an insight into emergency planning and salvage considerations
  • Bridget Bond a Business Safety Officer at Devon and Somerset FRS will provide examples of previous challenges of fire safety in heritage buildings
  • Katie Riley from the National Trust will provide a case study into the installation of sprinklers within a historic mill
  • Richard Clark Business Fire Safety Manager from South Yorkshire FRS who is seconded to the NFCC will provide an update on the various work streams following the Hackett Review

The event will conclude with a behind the scenes guided tour of Wentworth Woodhouse. Lunch will be provided and regional branch business will be undertaken following the formal CPD event.

Visit ife.org.uk/Yorkshire-Humberside to find out more and view the programme.