Successful IFE Engineering Council peer reviewing and interviewing training day

The IFE held a successful Engineering Council (EngC) Peer Reviewing and Interviewing training day on 6 December, organised by the IFE’s EngC team. This annual training event provides current IFE Incorporated Engineers (IEng) and Chartered Engineers (CEng) registrants the opportunity to learn about the reviewing and interviewing process for CEng applications, with a focus on developing future IFE reviewers.

Presentations were delivered by Peter Camp CEng MIFireE, Chair of IFE Registrants’ Group Membership Committee, John Galvin IEng FIFireE, Vice Chair of Individual Route Panel, Dr Clare Barker CEng FIFireE and Lisa Cooper, IFE Head of Membership and Registration.

Throughout the day there were interactive sessions, giving the groups the opportunity to work together and share knowledge from across their diverse fire engineering backgrounds as well as from their own CEng application experience. The training day also gave the opportunity for the groups to participate in a Professional Review Interview (PRI) role play as the interviewer.

The feedback from the day was positive and very encouraging, and we were pleased to see that we have the potential of 11 new reviewers interested in working with the IFE.

If you are a current IFE IEng or CEng and would like to volunteer as a reviewer, please feel free to contact our EngC team to discuss the opportunity.

To find out more on IEng and CEng and how to apply, please contact our EngC team or see the IEng and CEng webpages.