News from our Canadian branch

IFE Canada Branch held a successful morning seminar on the issue of hoarding affecting fire services, property managers and those living with the mental health issues often at the root of this serious condition. They were joined by Fire Prevention Officers John Truong and Madelaine Crevier from Brampton Fire and Emergency Services, Heather Coupey of the Coalition on Hoarding in Peel and Hoarding Specialists Michelle Oosterhof and Jennifer Brock of Services and Housing in the Province (SHIP).

The information proved invaluable and the questions asked by professionals in attendance showed the need for sharing the experience of these presenters and their organisations. The branch plans to have presenters’ contact information and resources available through its website soon for others to use when developing action plans for dealing with this same scenario across the reach of the IFE.

The event was well attended with breakfast sponsored by a company involved in restoration and rehabilitation of premises, and was a project truly delivered by the collective work of the Branch Council. There were attendees from 10 different fire departments and 12 municipalities, fire/life safety consultants as well as social housing and private property management representatives.

The branch held their holiday dinner on 27th November and its next CPD event is scheduled for April 2019 when a Paralympic athlete will speak on the importance of recognising the needs of persons requiring assistance during emergencies and evacuations.

I will point out that I was lucky enough to have conversations at the centenary events with Branches in the UK that have held similar seminars in the past and – though we had already planned these – I realised there is a real opportunity to share and learn from branches through conversation and discussion. Looking for the best available venue where we can share our resources through the UK or Branch Sites is on the to do list.

Deepak Chagger Vice President, Canada Branch