2017 Nominations for Board Director Vacancies

The 2017 Annual Report and Financial Statements will be available to view on the IFE website in early June. The notice of the 2017 IFE AGM, ballot form for election of a member to the Board of Directors, ballot envelope, proxy form and proxy envelope will be distributed to all voting members during the week commencing 5th June 2017.

For additional security we require members to write their member number in a box on the front of the ballot envelope. All votes remain strictly confidential. During the count the ballot envelopes are opened and the ballot paper removed for counting by the Company Secretary. In this way, confidentiality is maintained.

Vacancies on the Board of Directors

Two (2) vacancies will arise in July 2017 on the Board of Directors and all voting members (i.e. not Students or Affiliates) are eligible for nomination. Interested members are asked to complete a nomination form (see: Election to the Board of Directors Candidates Details March 2017) and obtain confirmation of support from one proposer, one seconder and three other supporters. Those proposing, seconding or supporting a nominee must be voting members also and may confirm their support of a nominee by email to company.secretary@ife.org.uk

The Board of Directors will always be looking to ensure that any successful appointments will add to the general diverse make-up of the Board. The nature of the Board will change from time to time depending on those appointed. The Board will, when calling for nominations, or making appointments, give guidance to those seeking to be part of the Board. As an international organisation the Board will also endeavour to ensure that the composition of the Trustees will always be reflective of the spread of its current membership. Considering this, they will take into account the need to have sufficient Trustees who are based in the UK to enable compliance with its governance regulations relating to financial and reporting requirements.

Candidates for election should state clearly how they intend to contribute to the activities of the Board, in particular, the following points should be addressed:

  • An outline of their understanding of the IFE strategic plan and what particular skills and experience they can bring to bear on developing and implementing the strategic objectives;
  • An outline of any previous experience in any kind of board level activity, detailing their role and responsibilities;
  • An outline of how they see their contribution to the role of Trustee and how they will balance that role with that of a company director;
  • An outline of how they will identify and manage any potential conflict of interest that may arise with other roles if elected;
  • An outline for their interpersonal skills and how if elected they will manage the relations with other Board members and senior staff.

Please note that this information will be available for voting members to read prior to the ballot process.

Please send completed nomination forms to the Chief Executive Officer & Company Secretary, IFE Head Office, IFE House, 64-66 Cygnet Court, Timothy’s Bridge Road, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 9NW, UK (email: company.secretary@ife.org.uk) to arrive no later than 12noon GMT on Friday 12th May 2017.

Neil Gibbins QFSM NDipM FIFireE
Chief Executive Officer & Company Secretary
March 2017