Meet your new board members: Peter Holland

Peter Holland CBE QFSM FIFireE (Life) has been an active member of the Institution for the last 38 years and believes that he is still as enthusiastic now as he has ever been about the IFE’s work.

Peter believes the IFE is going from strength to strength in every part of the world where there are Branches, resulting in the profession being properly recognised in those countries. IFE qualifications are greatly sought after and Peter will continue his efforts to support IFE growth and increasing the IFE’s influence globally.

There are many challenges facing the world from fire and Peter believes the IFE is well placed to assist members and society to deal with these issues. Peter has a huge amount of experience at all levels of the Institution which will assist him to continue to play a keen and active part in driving this great profession forward.

There are many opportunities despite the economic situation for the IFE to be placed in an even stronger position of influence amongst the fire policy makers globally. There is already great work taking place and Peter views the role of the Board of Directors as a supporting one, facilitating our members to contribute positively. Peter will do everything in his power to promote the Institution at every opportunity.

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